MicrodermabrasionAdvanced Skin TreatmentsOur advanced cosmetic treatments regenerate and replenish to ensure a younger, firmer and healthier skin. Available During Winter months.

Micro Facial (45min to 60min) $115
This advanced technology exfoliates the deeper layers of the skin, leaving it feeling softer, smoother and with added elasticity. Your skin will look healthier and more youthful. A calming mask is applied after the treatment and while it does its job, you will be treated to a blissful head massage.

Micro Facial Course (45min x 6) $575
Get maximum results and save $115 with a course of six.

Miracle Micro Only (30min) $65
Microdermabrasion treatment only.

Miracle Micro Only Course (25min x6) $325
Microdermabrasion treatment only and save $65 with a course of six.

Micro or Peel add on any 1hr specialise facials $40