Nimue Solution FacialsIntense & Personalised

Nimue Therapeutic Facial (60min) $109
Customized, cleanse, exfoliate, massage and masks to deliver excellent results.

Bio-Active Rejuvenation FACIAL (60min) $125
It is a potent, yet gentle and safe active treatment delivering powerful results such as refined texture, pore size, elasticity and vitality. The skin is cleansed, conditioned and exfoliated with orange pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes.

35% Glycolic Treatment (45-60min) $135
The Glycolic peel treatment provides controlled and predictable removal of skin cells to improve texture and appearance of the skin. This treatment is recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6-12 treatments. Course can be repeated 2 x yearly.

Nimue Professional Eye Teatment (20min) $50
Revitalises and refereshes the skin around the eyes. Also reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Nimue Men (45-60min) $85
The deep cleanse treatment provides instant results with a power cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, extractions, healing treatment and a mask. Indicated for all skin type skin types.

Beauty Booster
The Transdermal Solutions and Specialised masks can be added to any Nimue Treatment. Your Nimue Skin Care Therapist will recommend the right one for you and customise your facial treatment.

Skin Transdermal Solution Boosts $20
Alginate Mask $20
Collagen Face Film $39.00
Collagen Eye Treatment $39.00